Baidu Browser 40.17.1000.248

Instead of following the crowd, choose a different browser with custom skins and video capabilities

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Baidu Browser 40.17.1000.248
Baidu Browser 26.2.9999.1646

Baidu Spark Browser is now simply known as Baidu Browser, and the software uses the same foundation as Google Chrome. The Chromium engine powers Baidu Browser, and it features the same sleek design and appealing aesthetics as other world-class browsers. You can change the skin on the software so it better matches your personality, and Facebook has been integrated into the browser. Unlike other browsers, Baidu has a feature that allows you to easily download videos you find while surfing the web.

This browser features a sidebar that has all the most important tools and information you need. It shows your bookmarks, downloads folder, a Facebook widget, and a zoom function. The Facebook widget gives you a look at your Feed in real-time.

One unique feature of Baidu Browser is that you can perform specific tasks and actions through gesture control with the mouse. You can use these gestures to close or open tabs, change between tabs, and move up and down a page. If you want to learn all the gestures at your disposal, you can see them all under the Settings within the Tools menu. Unfortunately, it is not possible to alter these gestures or make new ones.

A dedicated Media button in the app lets you instantly download any video you view online from any source. You can also prevent annoying hidden music in a sea of open tabs by muting all tabs at once.

When you open a blank tab in Baidu Browser, you'll see a collection of the websites that you most commonly visit. This grid helps you access your most-visited sites quickly and efficiently.

Another unusual but useful feature of Baidu Browser is that the app can take screenshots. You can select to snap an image of the whole screen, or you can crop the area and select just a small portion to capture. If you want to edit the image, the software includes some rudimentary editing features to add text, retouch areas, and optimize colors.

Users of Chrome will instantly recognize the similarities between these two browsers, but Baidu Browser has a distinctly youthful appearance that seems fresh and new. The browser uses a light electric blue for the default color, but you can change it to one of the other pre-installed skins. Near the tab bar is a button that lets you make this change.

Whenever you aren't using the sidebar, it can be hidden to avoid blocking the screen. If you want to quickly download a video or take a screenshot, there are buttons for those functions beside the browser address bar.

If you want to find a legitimate browser that can replace Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, Baidu Browser is your best option. It offers the same speed and quality as those other premium browsers, and it includes some functionality those other apps don't have.


  • Customizable Skins
  • Gesture Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Download Videos
  • Capture Screenshots


  • No Gesture Customization

Baidu Spark is an alternative browser that you can use and features the same engine as Google Chrome.

The Baidu Spark browser is powered by Chromium, which is the very same engine that is used to drive Google Chrome. If you are looking for a new browser with an attractive design and allows you to change the skins, this browser is definitely worth the download.

Baidu Spark browser has been proven to integrate with Facebook, allowing you to take social media to a new level. There is also a feature that allows you to download videos with ease, ensuring that you can grab all of your favorites from the Internet and bring them onto your computer.

If you have been impressed by what Google Chrome has to offer, Baidu Spark browser offers even more. There is a sidebar, allowing you to access all of your bookmarks, downloads and social media accounts. In addition, a zoom function allows you to enlarge or shrink pages with ease.

There are various gestures that you can use within the browser, such as changing a tab, closing a tab, or moving backward and forward between your browser history. The only thing that you cannot do is create new gestures, which can limit some of your overall functions. There are dozens to choose from, so the likelihood of you needing a new gesture is slim.

There is a media button within the browser, which allows you to download videos from any page that you are viewing. As an example, if you are watching a music video and you want to download the video to your computer, the browser will help you to accomplish this.

Some of the other features include being able to mute the volume across all of your tabs, access all of the most visited websites, and capture screenshots. You simply have more functionality using Baidu Spark browser than you do with other browsers.

If you have tried other browsers in the past, but have found that websites do not support them, you will benefit from Baidu Spark browser because it is powered by Chromium.

The interface is customizable, so that you can enjoy the design based upon your personality. Electric blue is the default, though you can change it to different colors, as well as various different skins. There is a button that allows you to customize so that you can control how it looks.

The Baidu Spark browser does not use many system resources and it functions well throw out all of the different websites that you may visit. With all of the features for downloading videos and capturing screenshots, you have more functions available at your fingertips at all times. This is one of the best alternatives if you are not happy with Internet Explorer, Firefox or even Google Chrome. It can enhance your online experience to a level that you never thought was possible.


  • More functions
  • Free
  • Integrates well with social media


  • No new gestures

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